Web Design

With SEO studies, it ensures that your site rank high in search engines such as Google, Yandex, Yahoo, Bing; We create positive interaction for your brand with SEO Consulting and Social Media Consulting.


For websites to be effective at the targeted level, it is not enough just to be pleasing to the eye. They also need to have a strong brand story. Successful websites; It should offer an impressive digital experience to its users, both in terms of design, functionality and content.

With this perspective, ValisoyMedia web design team starts the design process by analyzing your brand and industry. It creates your brand story, determines the values ​​that distinguish your service or product from others. It creates a design that will represent your brand in the most accurate way and contribute to the growth of your business.

It opens new horizons for your brand with innovative, human-centered studies that integrate with technology, comply with today’s web trends, and connect with users.

Since the first day we were founded, every website we have prepared has been created with a unique structure, focused on the target audience of the brand, working successfully on every platform with its mobile compatibility, taking into account the sector and brand strategies, with “UX (User Experience) Design” that prioritizes the user experience. they are a set of special digital solutions.


Strategic Web Design

We are in the age of consumer culture. That’s why consumer trends and user trends are constantly and rapidly changing. For this reason, we evaluate every website we design together with our test users and you, starting from the prototype stage. Thus, instead of predicting the tastes and behavioral patterns of the target audience we want to reach, we enable them to directly experience it, and develop digital strategies that will meet their expectations with the data obtained.

Because, a website focused on user needs and behaviors, a design strategy created with realistic data, and designed and software designed to match the brand’s marketing strategies will significantly increase both brand value and sales. In web design projects; Design planning should be done by considering many factors such as the font family to be used, color choices, content placement, site navigation.


Original Design

Every brand has a story waiting to be discovered. This story should be in line with the brand’s strategies and industry, and be exciting and effective enough to mobilize the target audience. Trios polishes your brand’s story, adapts it to today’s trends, transforms it into the most suitable for the digital world with a unique web design. It creates difference and awareness.

If your brand doesn’t have a story yet, ValisoyMedia will find it and reveal it. It also applies this to website design…

With its original web design, you will stand out from your competitors and act in accordance with your goal. With its unique interface design, you can direct visitor behavior and not present your targeted content. You can reach your goals such as sales, communication and information gathering more easily.

On ready websites; While your brand and business behave in accordance with an existing pattern, your brand, business, goals, corporate colors and content determine the pattern in original web design works.

One of the most important advantages of original web design projects over ready-made web sites is that SEO works can be done much more flexible and efficient.

responsive design-valisoymedia

Mobile Compatible Design

Your brand’s target audience should be able to easily access your website from anywhere, anytime and from any device. For this, your website should be able to work smoothly on mobile devices with small screens such as mobile phones and tablets.

With its expertise and experience, ValisoyMedia produces effective solutions on issues such as the ideal presentation of the website on mobile devices with small screens, hiding content so that it can be used quickly and easily, and resizing forms and images. After your site goes live, it protects you from unpleasant surprises.

Responsive design is a must for web design work in today’s digital world due to the fact that internet users use mobile to a large extent, search engines require responsive structures, and the performance needs of mobile devices.

Our web design team, which has focused on responsive work since the beginning of mobile devices in our lives, makes developments in accordance with mobile compatibility criteria when designing. We can analyze and test how web design is presented on mobile devices, and experience it as users, with the “HTML5 studies” that we call design coming to life. With the mobile compatibility test offered by Google, mobile compatibility problems are also eliminated, and the website is made 100% mobile-friendly before the web software process.

We bring your brand to life on mobile with responsive designs we have developed with Bootstrap, CSS, JavaScript technologies.

responsive design-valisoymedia

UX Design: A seamless digital experience for users

ValisoyMedia constructs a functional structure that provides ease of use in every website it designs, and enables the target audience to easily take the information and actions they need. With its UX (User Experience) Design approach, it aims to provide your site visitors with a perfect digital experience.

Customer analysis and customer expectations are always taken into account. Thus, customers can quickly and easily access what they want to see and the action they want to do while browsing the site.