Web Accessibility

Visually impaired individuals can now see our websites. 


Web accessibility; It is the design and development of websites, mobile devices and other technologies in such a way that disabled people can easily use them. It is very important for visually impaired individuals to navigate any website, read the content of the website, and interact with the website in their adaptation to life.

Digital life, which has entered every part of our lives, has made us dependent on the internet, more accurately, websites and mobile applications. Considering that the internet is an important resource for everyone in education, employment, trade, health, shopping, entertainment and many more, this is the most basic right for individuals with disabilities.

Although there are some obligations regarding accessibility in the Law on the Disabled in our country, which is subject to the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities, when we examine the websites of public or private institutions, we can see that very few accessibility studies have been carried out. With the development of an accessible website, many obstacles will be overcome and disabled people will be able to access information and information.

Alt Text Uses

Alternative texts should be used in all areas where there is no text in the website content. “title, description, alternative text” should be used in the sections that do not contain logos, images, forms, etc. text, “text tags” in audio and video content, and “longdesc” or “alt text descriptions” should be used for images and figures.

Subtitles can be used for the hearing impaired in Multi-Media content, and it would be beneficial to use a text description for the visually impaired.

Perception of the Website by Persons with Disabilities

There are special software that helps people with disabilities to use computers or mobile devices. These software enable people with disabilities to use websites and applications efficiently.

For this reason, while developing an accessible website, support should be obtained from these programs and the prepared website infrastructure should support these software.

The images, content texts and coding structure used must be suitable for these software.

Ability to Take Action on Site Content

Bringing the content of the page to an accessible level and making it perceptible to individuals with disabilities should be only one part of accessibility studies. On the accessible website, the user should be able to easily reach wherever he wants, click for this purpose, and fill in the form, if there is one, so that he or she can benefit from the site effectively.

Subtitles can be used for the hearing impaired in Multi-Media content, and it would be beneficial to use a text description for the visually impaired.

Example 1

Considerations for the visually impaired user who reaches the page containing the request form

  • There should be an explanation about the form.
  • Form fields must be understandable when filling out the form.
  • Voice verification functions should be run instead of plugins that require visual support such as Verification Code.
  • Selection boxes in the form, stylish options, etc. The use of items such as shortcut keys and direction keys should be provided.
  • After filling out the form, information about the completion of the process and its details should be presented.

Example 2

Things to consider for the visually impaired user who wants to shop

  • Directions should be made to make it easier for him to add the product or service he wants to buy to the basket.
  • Basket content should be presented in a detailed and understandable way
  • The forms on the pages where address and billing information are entered should be easy to fill and information should be presented at every step.
  • In the payment step, which payment method can be used, and if credit card payment is preferred, it should be easier to enter the credit card information.
  • All order details should be presented with their explanations on the pages we call “order result” after the order.

Using the Website with the Keyboard

All content on the site pages must be accessed and processed via the keyboard. Access to linked fields, titles, tables, forms, and drop-down menus should be easy. For this, some special key functions of the utilities are used.

Easy Roaming on the Site

Disabled users should be able to navigate around the site easily, and it should be clear which page or section of the site they are on.
Access to the areas we call titles within the pages should be easy. When an announcement or news page is accessed, the disabled user should be able to navigate to the title with the help of the keyboard. In the target pages accessed in this way, some parts of the site that are repeated within the site should not be shown to the user.
Page titles are important for users with disabilities. The titles of the reached page, which we call the title, provide information about that page. Preparing these titles with correct texts is important for disabled users.
With the “applications” we call link tags, summary information can be given about the page to be visited when the links are clicked in the page content. Thus, the disabled user clicks on the desired link and only reaches the page he wants to go to. 

Accessibility functionality of the website

The website developed as accessible can get full marks from the tests. But it should also be functional for users with disabilities. It will be very easy to fix errors only in tests with utilities. However, many questions need to be answered or solved, such as whether users can catch the main idea of ​​the site, can they access content such as news or announcements, can they benefit from all its functions.

To develop a functionally accessible website for visually impaired users, it is necessary to focus on two important issues.

When users reach this website, the answers to the questions “what are they looking for, what are they viewing, why are they coming to this site”
How visually impaired users can use this website
For example;

The users of the City Lines website, which we have developed as an accessible website, read the information content of the site such as ferry services, flight times, cancellation announcements or learn which flights they can go from one place to another.

For this reason, visually impaired users should also be able to access these contents easily when they access the City Lines website and be able to listen to these contents correctly through utilities. 

Accessibility Tests

The accessible website is tested primarily through screen reader programs such as NVDA and JAWS after development. These programs are programs that allow visually impaired users to navigate and use websites easily.

The website tested with these utilities also needs to be tested by real “visually impaired users”. Visually impaired users who will do this test should have full command of the website, its content and site functions.